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What are clusters?

The cluster concept was developed in the 1990s as a new approach for strengthening industrial competitiveness. With this cluster concept, business and innovation support received a spatial component.
Via the networking of companies and other organisations, the cluster policy aims at promoting the creation of growth structures which also attract suppliers and specialised service providers and create competitive edges for all companies involved.


Activities of enders ingenieure

We are a member of the following clusters:

Offering opportunities and promoting people

Social responsibility is an integral part of the company culture at enders Ingenieure. Supporting social projects (on a regional and international level) and promoting young talents in the technical field are the main emphasis points of our engagement. In this respect, enders Ingenieure closely collaborates with Hochschule Landshut [Landshut university of applied sciences] in order to find and promote young talents.

Projects we support: