enders implements
your ideas

Simple – reliable – interdisciplinary

The efficient implementation of a technical idea – if this is what you are striving for, we are the right partner for you.
A development only shows its quality as a finished product. A functioning prototype or a successful pilot production provides safety. Our long-term experience as a development service provider has proven that only close cooperation throughout all project phases will lead to great satisfaction and high-quality results.

Based on this knowledge, we have established a philosophy of creating “tangible development results” with all our actions. We support our customers through the entire process of a new development: From planning to the creation of the operating material for series production. After all, you do not need isolated solutions, but coherent systems.

Thanks to the process knowledge of our engineering experts, at each product development stage, we offer you the necessary level of reliability and safety.

We reliably and sustainably create competitive edges for our customers in all highly competitive market segments. Thanks to high standards, we even comply with the highest customer requirements.

We are driven by the development, further development and optimal applicability of products!


“On a long-term basis, we are only successful if we create a sustainable benefit for our customers. This basic knowledge determines our actions.” Florian Ganz, managing director


We have more than 20 years of constant development and orientation towards becoming a modern and high-performance service company behind us. We have used the technical challenges to broaden our expertise and always be one step ahead for our customers.

Today, enders Ingenieure GmbH is a dynamic and stable company with 55 employees. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008, work with future-oriented work equipment and secure methods. We measure ourselves against the best in order to continuously improve our quality and performance. Our growth is the result of successful cooperation with our customers.

In the future, we will continue to deliver the progress which is demanded in order to maintain your competitiveness. We offer adequate and sustainable business models as well as future-oriented product developments, which relieve the burden on our customers and their customers. We remain motivated by technical challenges and our joy in working together with our partners.